Scandinavian Koldskål

Yummy summer desert with buttermilk, yoghurt, fresh fruit and cookies

Choco Coco Cake

Warning: Eat one piece and you'll want to eat the whole cake.

Indian Dahl with Butternut Squash and Spinach

Very tasty with tandoori chicken skewers, mango chutney and rice.

Chinese Eggplant

This Chinese Style garlic eggplant will make your mouth water.

Celery root Soup with Mascarpone

Top up with fresh shrimps and chives.


Light meals, starters or lunch dishes for special occasions and any other time you want a special treat. In the end, any day is a special day right?


Travel through the world from your own kitchen. Cook, bake, grill, steam, fry, stew, heat and eat these meat, fish and veggie recipes from all over the world.


Colourful recipes for sweet tooth. Cakes, pies, fruits, puddings, cupcakes, bavarois, cheese cakes, icecreams, muffins, chocolates, crepes, sorbets and more.


Whether you have friends over, a birthday party, barbecue, picknick, or when you are enjoying a relaxed evening on your sofa, these recipes are good in any situation.

If life gives you lemon,

make lemonade!

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Herring Smørrebrød

Herring smørrebrød was something new to me when moving to Denmark. As a native Dutch I knew a thing or two about Dutch herring. The annual auction of the first...


Classic Ice Tea

Hello folks! How’s your summer progressing? I’ve done some research for you on home made ice tea. I will share some different recipes with you over the course of the...


Lasagne with Ricotta and Courgette

I’m sure you read my other recent lasagne post lasagne alle funghi, so you know I am in the mood for Italian food. I am counting down the days until...


Vegetarian Barbeque

Once upon a time – I was 17 – I went on a one-week camping trip with about five guys. We had a caravan placed close to the river side,...


Lasagne ai Funghi

Two more weeks and my love and I are off for a long break to the lovely and hopefully sunny country of Italy. I am looking sooo much forward to...


If life gives you lemon, make Lemonade!

If life gives you lemon, make Lemonade! That will be the theme of the day because dear reader I have some bad news: my site got hacked, I think. I’m...

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Top Five Airport Dinners

One-by-one my friends, family and colleagues are taking off on their summer holiday. They are planning their trips to Lanzarote, Croatia, France or even far away places like Panama. All...


Baba Ghanoush

One of the things I spend a lot of time on, besides cooking and writing recipes on my blog, is food browsing. Just searching around on the web for any...


Dutch Peperkoek

I had some rye flour left in my kitchen cupboard. And since I don’t like to throw out good food, and the half-open package had been standing there for some...

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Green Asparagus Salad

On Wednesdays I usually work from home, which means that I’ll have an easier time to make a quick salad for lunch. Today I had some asparagus and other vegetables...


Indian Dahl with Butternut Squash and Spinach

Hi there! Hope you liked my tandoori chicken skewers of last week! You might have already seen a nice dahl dish in the picture of that post. It is an...


Tandoori Chicken Skewers

I am super amazed with myself! I made my own Tandoori Chicken Skewers. Woop woop! The last Indian dish I posted was my Vegetarian curry soup, and that’s been a...