Ciao folks! Is it hot where you are? It is here! I’ve got a nice treat for you today… A delicious ice tea with a little alcohol kick inside. I’m calling it Orange 43 Ice Tea because of – you guessed it – the half a cup of Liquor 43 that goes in.

Liquor 43 brings back special memories of the first weekend trip I spent with my love. Sitting on a terrace in Antwerp, watching a crowd partying on loud music on the main square, we were just absorbed by one another (and the liquor that we both first tasted there). Liquor 43 has become sort of a ‘special occasion’ thing for us, which is why we still didn’t finish the bottle we bought then. 😉
So anyway, today we celebrate. If there is no reason to celebrate then that’s the reason to celebrate. Yay!

This is what you need:

  • 6 Orange tea bags
  • 7 glasses water
  • 1  glass simple syrup
  • 1.3 glass fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 glass Liquor 43
  • fresh mint
  • ice cubes

This is how:

Boil 4 glasses of water and let the orange tea steep for about 5 minutes. Take the tea bags out and let the tea cool down completely.

Next we make the syrup. Perhaps you have some left from the Lemonade recipe I posted earlier. You can simply make a badge by taking a glass of water and a glass of sugar. Mix them in a small sauce pan and put the pan on a low fire. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. You have a little more than you need now but that’s ok because maybe you like your ice tea a bit sweeter than me. You can keep the remaining simple syrup for later use in other ice teas or lemonade. Let the syrup cool down completely as well before you continue to mix it with the cold ingredients.

Then juice the fresh lemons until you have 1.3 glass of juice.

Finally mix the tea, 3 glasses of water, the lemon juice and the Liquor 43 into a big pitcher or juice jar. Stir well and add the syrup little by little. Stir and taste until the ice tea is of of the right sweetness for you.

Add some fresh mint sprigs as garnish and loads of ice cubes! Check out the ice cubes I made! Super cute!