For my birthday party I made this delicious fresh lemon coconut cake. I needed something to balance out the other pies I made: an apple almond pie and a cheesecake brownie, both quite heavy and sweet. Something lemon-ish, I thought. The freshness of the lemon would be a good option for guests that prefer fresh over sweet.

I still had some of that bavarois mixture left… and although I already told you that I prefer making food from scratch, there is something I hate even more which is throwing away good ingredients.

So in the end the pie turned out a bit higher than I expected, which is why I recommend using a 26 cm baking tin rather than a smaller one. The sweet coconut pie layers balance the flavour of the fresh lemon bavarois. Go crazy on the decoration!

This is what you need:

For the coconut cake:

  • 150 gr. butter
  • 50 gr. Coconut oil
  • 200 gr. Flour
  • 150 gr. Sugar
  • 8 gr. baking powder
  • 150 coconut rasp
  • 2 tbsp. orange juice
  • 4 eggs

For the Lemon Bavarois

  • 4 lemons
  • 500 ml. cream
  • 100 gr. mix for bavarois

For decoration I used:

  • Crunchy chocolate pearls (dark and milk chocolate)

Let’s go:

We start with the coconut cake which will be the basis of this cake. Start by preheating the oven to 160 degrees Celcius, and grease your baking tin (I used one of 26 cm. in diameter).

Take a large bowl and mis the coconut rasp, coconut oil, butter and sugar into a consistent batter. Then add the eggs one by one while mixing the dough with a mixer. Then add the orange juice.

In a separate bowl mix the flour and baking powder. Add this mixture in small increments to the coconut batter while mixing. When the batter is mixed well, pour it into the baking tin. Spread the batter evenly and then bake the coconut cake in 30-45 minutes golden brown.

Use a pin to check if the cake is done. When you stick it in, and it comes out clean, you are done.

When the coconut cake is done, take it out of the oven, take the rim off the baking tin and put the cake on a roster to cool down. The cake needs to be at room temperature before we can proceed, so calculate this extra time when making your planning.

We’re going to make two layers of cake. So the next step is to cut the cake horizontally into two layers. If you are unsure of your own cutting expertise, use a book or cup – or whatever is as high as the middle of your cake – to help you keep your knife straight and at the same hight while cutting the cake. Take the top layer off carefully with a spatula and plate.

Then we are going to make the bavarois. I took the easy way out – again! – by using a ready made bavarois mix. For that I needed 500 ml. cream, whipped half stiff. And 100 gr. bavarois mix, mixed with the juice of 4 lemons. Next: I added the lemon mixture to the whipped cream and gently mixed the two with a spatula.

Follow the description on your own bavarois mix package. If you are unsure about the proportions, then I advise to start with less juice and see how it goes. If the bavarois mixture is too ‘wet’ the cake will not stiffen up and collapse when you put the second layer of cake on top.

Finally I took the bottom half of the coconut cake and put a layer of bavarois on top. I kept a little to go on top of the cake. But you could also decide to go for a thinner layer and have more bavarois on top of the cake.

Then put the top layer of cake on top of the bavarois and finish the cake off with the remaining bavarois and decoration.