When researching different ice tea flavor combinations I came across one webpage that suggested to use lemon verbena instead of fresh lemon for a ‘camomile thyme ice tea’. I had never heard the English term before so I needed to do some googling to find out what it was. Lemon verbena turned out to be a type of herb of which I had no clue of where to get it. Luckily the recipe also mentioned that lemon thyme could also be used, which has been growing steadily in a big pot on my balcony for a couple of months now. Yes! I knew that plant was a good buy, but never thought I would be using it for ice tea :)
The result of this camomile – honey – lemon thyme flavoured ice tea is more than great and exactly what an ice tea should be: Sweet and refreshing. The taste is rather surprising with the sweet camomile hitting your senses first, and after that a fresh thyme flavor. Really good!

If I were you I’d  get started straight away:

  • 6 bags of camomile tea
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon thyme
  • 4 tbsp honey
  • 1.5 liter Water

Go, go, go!

Boil the water and make tea using the camomile tea. Let the tea cool down. Then add the honey and thyme and refridgerate the ice tea. Serve with ice. (I put some thyme in the ice cubes :) )